Group Fitness Testimonials

Kylie F -

Where do I begin? When I was younger I was sporty and had so much energy. 2 major car accidents and 2 children later I was incredibly overweight , uncomfortable, embarrassed by my appearance and in denial about just how bad it had become . Size 12-14 ballooned to 18/20. I was so ashamed.

I started doing a little HIIT training off YouTube but didn't quite get what I was doing. I put an ad up to find a personal trainer because I was lost and had my toddler with me and no help as my family and I are from interstate . Kelly answered my call and I almost said no, in fact I did say no. Then I looked at the website and saw I could bring my toddler with me. In a last ditch attempt to get my health back, I went .

All I could think that day was "I'm going to be the fattest and unhealthiest person there as everyone is going to think I'm disgusting ".

I arrived, there were people of every size, shape, age and fitness level. I was incredibly slow and couldn't keep up, but I was moving . Everyone high fived me after and I thought "wow that wasn't so bad". My little girl loved it too.

"Everyong high fived me after, and I thought 'wow that wasn't so bad.' My little girl loved it too."Mr. WordPress

I kept going , I did my first 6 week challenge and something amazing happened . I made friends, genuine friends . Women who I thought wouldn't dare speak to an overweight woman like me. Every single person has encouraged me and kept me going and that's what I did . I go to as many classes as I can and I keep up for the most part these days .

I'm 3 dress sizes down with size 12 within sight. I weigh 20kgs less than last year and 15kg less than when I started in March. My metal health is amazing. I feel healthy and free.

"I'm 3 dress sizes down with size 12 within sight. I weight 20kgs less than last year and 15kg less than when I started in March. My mental health is amazing. I feel healthy and free."Mr. WordPress

The trainers are all wonderful and supportive and then there's Kelly. Our fearless leader, trainer, cheerleader and friend. Kelly knows when to push you and she knows when you need a boost. She goes above and beyond for each and every one of us.

She came with me to do my first real running event (I've never been a runner). On her day off , she met with our team doing various distances and ran the 6km with me. I struggled but I made it and I couldn't thank her enough. I honestly wouldn't be where I am now without Kelly, the Fit Station and the whole team of incredible men and women.

I really encourage anyone who isn't sure what to do, just show up and do your best ad you'll get there. Once you start ignoring all those nasty little excuses in your head , you've won the battle already.  We will all be there for you because as cheesy as it sounds... we're a family.

Vanessa N -

I have known Kelly for years and she was always asking me to join her sessions.  My answer was always the same, “I prefer to work out on my own.”

When I heard that Kel was opening a fitness facility, I went along to the launch day, purely to support a friend.  Well, I was hooked from the minute I walked in!  The vibe was fun and the sense of community strong.  People seemed friendly and happy here, and unlike most regular gyms, I felt welcome.  From that day I decided I wanted to be a part of that, I wanted that in my life!

I bought a pack of 10 passes but almost immediately joined as an unlimited member and have not looked back!  The classes and challenges only scratch the surface for reasons I love it there!    The guidance, support, fun and mischief and the many beautiful friendships I have formed! I didn’t even realise this was missing from my life but I am so glad I found it!!!

I am so grateful to Kel, the Factory and all of the beautiful members for changing my life!

Chloee S -

Such a great environment to train in. Always positive vibes and everyone is so kind and supportive. Kelly and all of the trainers are amazing! so caring and helpful and of course make you work your butt off! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to be apart of a close knit team which is more like a family then a group of gym members.

Melanie R -

Trained at the factory until I was 36 weeks pregnant! Was well looked after by all the coaches and given alternatives to exercises. Currently 5 weeks into a 6 week break post baby and cannot wait to get back!! Kelly and team you are amazing!

Natty J -

Been training here over a year now. I’m a big HIIT fan, and The Fit Station offers an extensive range of HIIT workouts to your pleasure or pain. It’s a family friendly and fun environment, the members and trainers are very supportive.

You will definitely get results and hit your goals, in addition it creates new friendships. Kelly Dennis the owner has done an awesome job, and she’s such a lovely trainer.

I’m 100% happy that I’ve joined as a member. Their memberships are flexible and not expensive. For me working out here isn’t a chore, it’s fun and addictive!

Anna W -

One of the best decisions I made was to join The Fit Station. I'm normally one to give up pretty easily but not this time. Am absolutely loving it! Every morning I take the kids and we go and smash out a class! It's hard work but it's worth it! Kelly and the other trainers are absolutely amazing and so supportive , my kids absolutely love going and I get 30-45 mins to myself to focus all on me (something mums don't always get) but here you can! Plus everyone there is so supportive and amazing it's really awesome to be apart of it all!

Davina P -

The Fit Station Caroline Springs is a Community of people who encourage you through your workout. Kelly is building better humans (better than they were yesterday). Great place to get a great sweat...

Samantha P -

Love getting my HIIT on with Kelly - nothing else feels as rewarding as a workout at The FIT Station