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YOU v you project



The You V’s You Project is the one you don’t want to miss! 

This program is designed for you by us where the only person we strive to be better than is the person we were yesterday. 

In this project we take a complete and holistic view of everything involved in your health and fitness. 

You’ll be given all the information and resources to build a better YOU and walk away at the conclusion of the project feeling fulfilled and accomplished and able to incorporate everything you have learnt to move forward. 

It’s all about the lifestyle and learning the tools to help you feel better. 

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  • 12 Week Resistance Training Program – your very own strength training sessions to complete to help build lean muscle mass
  • Group Fitness Classes (as per membership or 40+ available for non-members across the 12 weeks)
  • 12 Week Meal Plan in a colour booklet for easy reference. (Plant Based Options available) **WITH PRICELESS INFORMATION** including our coaches tips for training and fat loss
  • Coloured Hard Copy - Information Booklet/Journal packed full of information on everything to help you on your journey
  • 3 x Bodyscans – Beginning, 6 week check in & end of the project
  • Amazing Speakers (WEBINAR) – including a Life Coach, Nutritionist & a Health Professional specialising in primal and ancestral health.
  • You V’s You Top/T-Shirt (pls supply size at sign up)
  • Measurements & Before & After Pics
  • Personalised Recommended Calories & Macros (optional)


Renee Whittaker

Renee Whittaker

Introducing Renee

– the winner of our most recent 6 Week #BACKINACTION Challenge. We are super proud and so happy for Renee who gave her absolute all to this challenge and it really shows, not only achieving great results for herself but encouraging others all the way along too – a true team player:). Renee followed our nutritionist meal plan 100% and has come away with not only weight loss but best results for visceral fat reduction, best fat mass loss and best body fat percentage change, boom! Hard work and consistency always pays off and getting your nutrition correct always gets the results:). What Renee had to say:- “Joining the Fit Station and participating in the 6 week challenge has been one of the best decisions I have made recently. Throughout the challenge (actually every day), I’ve had so much support from Kelly and all the Coaches. They all play a part in the longer journey and I’m now learning this is a lifestyle change. Like most, my excuses for not exercising was ‘having no time’ or ‘feeling selfish to put myself first’. Completing the 6 week challenge has provided me clarity. Now by finding time to put myself first, I’ve noticed the positive impact it has on my family, myself and those around me. Success from completing the 6 week challenge comes in many ways. For myself, I’m sharing all my results and rewards from the challenge (not just the numbers).


Lost 6.2 kgs, decreased visceral fat by 3 levels, lost 6.6% body fat and have decreased cm’s in all segments. The true rewards for me are outside of these results. A big thank you to everyone (our big fit fam) for supporting each other throughout the challenge. I’m so happy to have tried something new.

  • I physically feel stronger and fitter.
  • My confidence in being active and making healthier choices is rubbing off on my children. They are making some great choices!
  • My mind is clear. I feel more productive and organised.
  • I’m proud of myself! I’ve challenged myself and succeeded in so many ways. My journey continues...

Rebecca Phillips

Quotation mark This is a picture of me exactly 12 months ago-22kg heavier!!! I know your always saying take photos of before and after-and I’m so glad I did! I hope these photos can give some inspiration to others!
Once again I want to say a massive thank you for being a huge part of my journey, without you, the team this would not have been achievable for me, being able to bring the kids and having all the support along the way is definitely what has continually motivated me to make this amazing transformation.
Your’re the best Kel
Luv Bec xx
Rebecca Phillips before and after picture capturing our her weight loss
Anna Williamson before and after picture capturing our her weight loss

Anna Williamson

Quotation mark A year go I had just had my second child and was feeling very isolated and lonely. I had often driven past The Fit Station and thought when I get the all clear I'm going to join. I started when my son was 3 months old and it was the best decision not only for myself but for my kids also. I have gotten super fit and gained some of the most beautiful friendships through meeting other like minded mums and dads at the station and my kids have formed friendships with other kids there too - they absolutely love coming most days! Thanks to Kel and her dream team of trainers they are literally changing peoples lives (and bodies 🙌🏻)

Ellesha Treadwell

Quotation mark My support crew, or as they are more often referred to as, my tribe, encouraged me to put up this post, so here it is!
Last week marked 1 year since I first walked into The Fit Station Caroline Springs and what a difference 1 year makes!! I decided it was time to focus on me, which I hadn’t done in a long time. I didn’t really have goals or big picture ideas about what I wanted to achieve by doing it, but I did know that I wanted to try to be the best version of me that I could be! In that time, I’ve not only lost over 8kg, but I’ve completely changed my whole attitude towards life.
I have met some amazing, supportive, caring and hilarious people along the way, people who I know I couldn’t of gotten this far without. People I know will be there to support and encourage me through anything that I set my mind to, not only in fitness, but in life! So thank you to all of you! I look forward to achieving many more things I never thought possible!
Ellesha Treadwell before and after picture capturing our her weight loss
Glenn Borg before and after picture capturing our his weight loss

Glenn Borg

Glenn lost a whopping 10kilos in 6 weeks following our training and eating plan, along with a massive 6.5% body fat reduction, visceral fat levels dropping into the healthy range along with a metabolic age of 27!
Glenn has kindly let us share his pics and I couldn't be prouder well done my friend.

Carol Mattar

Quotation mark 9 months ago I made the decision to try out a class at The Fit Station. I loved it so much I decided to join straight away and have never looked back.
For the last few years since having my last child I have struggled to loose weight. I tried many different diets and nothing worked. I still have a long way to go to get to my goal but it’s safe to say I am half way there.
Since joining I have dropped two dress sizes but what is surprising, I have only lost 5kgs. I have finally stopped focusing on what the scales say and focusing more on my measurements instead. I love how we are all part of one big family and we all support and encourage each other. I believe that this has been part of my success as I actually look forward to working out even at 6.00am.
A massive thank you goes out to Kelly Dennis and all the trainers, without your support and pushing me to my max even when I think I have nothing left, you all encourage me to dig a little deeper.
Carol Mattar before and after picture capturing our her weight loss